As a leader of a growing business, you are well aware of all the challenges of running a company. Growth can put a tremendous strain on your financial department: the people, processes, and technology necessary for the company to continue successfully.

Consero delivers finance and accounting services that efficiently create understanding and certainty to drive the business forward. We start by solving time-consuming operational and process hurdles that growth companies face. That frees up your top management from being bogged down in the routine financial decision-making and turns your finance department from a cost-center to an engine for growth. Next, we deliver insightful financial reporting that gives your management team, and any involved investors the ability to gain a clear and solid understanding of the company’s financial standing and overall progress. Here are some audiences we help.

  • CEOs – We help CEOs gain complete financial visibility to help them make informed decisions so that they can focus on growing the business.
  • CFOs – Consero can help CFOs be more strategic by implementing proven processes and systems while providing the necessary people to help your company scale effectively.
  • Investors – Consero helps investors understand how their companies are performing with detailed reporting and processes that allow the management team to understand their business better.

Learn more about Consero’s Financial Solution or of our individual services including the Cloud Software Platform, Bookkeeping, Controller, Finance and Consulting.

“Consero seamlessly supported the sale process of our portfolio company.  Financial information was readily available and Consero quickly addressed the buyer’s due diligence requests. This resulted in a smooth process and helped maximize the value of the business.”

“Consero allowed me to implement a scalable financial platform to support our growing operations in dramatically less time than doing it in-house while allowing me to stay focused on other critical objectives.”

Based on my experiences with both an in-house finance department and Consero, companies trying to build out their own financial operations are missing the boat.”

Because Consero had my finance & accounting completely buttoned up, including all supporting documentation, we were able to complete our transaction with a very quick and easy diligence process and maximize the valuation of the business.”