Consero’s Finance as a Service (FaaS) includes a fully integrated software platform called Simpl®.

For growing middle-market businesses, supporting financial operations is tough. You want to make good business decisions, provide the right insight and guidance, invest wisely, and drive bottom-line growth. However, using multiple software applications that are not integrated or implementing new finance & accounting systems from scratch wastes time and resources, making it hard for you to achieve your goals.
How can you escape this headache? The answer is Simpl®.
Simpl® is the finance and accounting software from Consero that gives you complete financial clarity from one intuitive, interface. Our powerful Finance as a Service (FaaS) software brings all of your financial systems together. Allowing you to quickly gain access to the financial and accounting data you depend on.
Simply stated, Consero eliminates the need to log into different systems and manually combine and distribute data in Excel. With Simpl®, stakeholders can get essential views of how the business is performing.

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How do private equity firms add value to their porfolio’s finance & accounting function?

Why start from scratch each time you need to establish a finance and accounting function? Plug into a pre-built finance factory. Consero’s Finance as a Service is the alternative to building a traditional in-house finance & accounting function. What used to take 9-18 months, now takes 30-90 days. Get more efficiency, increased financial visibility, operational scalability – all at a lower cost and less time than building in-house. Our skilled accounting team, pre-integrated software stack and best-practice based processes will have you outpacing your competition. Connect with us for a complimentary demo today.


Finance as a Service – going beyond outsourced accounting

You can’t run a business on a flip phone. Unfortunately, too many companies today have finance and accounting support that is about as effective as a flip phone. The wrong people, inefficient processes and information spread across multiple systems consumes time and makes it difficult for busy executives to understand how the business is performing.

That’s where Consero Global comes in.

Consero is disrupting the way companies address their finance and accounting needs with Finance as a Service. Finance as a Service is more than outsourced accounting – it’s a combination of personalized finance expertise, reliable back office support and software that gives you the clarity and confidence to make the right businesses decisions and a predictable and cost-effective service-based pricing model.

We are unique because we combine traditional CFO, controller and bookkeeping services with proven processes and integrated software. Clients gain enterprise level financial visibility and operational controls at a fraction of the cost and time required to setup and manage an internal finance department.

Consero’s platform includes a single cloud-based customer interface called simpl that lets you interact with your finance team and view all financial information.

With simpl, you can quickly:

* Personalized financial guidance

* Painless daily accounting that just works

* A single software interface with real-time access to your team and ALL of your financial data

* A predictable and cost effective service based pricing model

Whether you are looking for or just received financing or you’re an established business, Finance as a Service will give you the guidance, financial visibility, operational efficiency, and confidence you need to excel.

Contact us to learn more about Finance as a Service – we can have you up and running in as little as 30 days.


Top challenges faced after your company receives funding

If you’ve recently received funding, then you’re familiar with how challenging it is to provide timely, insightful financial information to your investors.

This could be due to:

  • a shortage of affordable, high quality finance personnel
  • high turnover in the finance department
  • an under-performing finance team
  • lack of proper internal controls
  • process scalability
  • fighting disparate, immature, and limiting systems
  • lack of good financial data
  • difficulty measuring and analyzing that data

Whether you’re facing just one of these issues or all of them, Consero Global can help. For over 10 years, Consero Global has been blending best-in-class people, processes, and technology to give you the enterprise level financial visibility and controls you need, at a fraction of both the cost and time required to setup and manage an internal finance team and infrastructure.

We’re disrupting the traditional outsourced accounting model by combining CFO, controller, and bookkeeping services with proven processes and an integrated managed platform called SIMPL to give you truly world class finance and accounting capabilities.

As a cloud-based financial command center, SIMPL delivers financial clarity through an intuitive, easy to use interface. Not only do you gain a dashboard view of company performance, but also the ability to invoice customers and approve bills—all in one place.

Customized to each company, whether you’re a CEO or CFO, SIMPL scales with you to ensure it meets every need even as you grow, from start-up through IPO and beyond.

With Consero Global by your side, you gain true financial visibility, increased efficiency and scalability, significant time and cost savings, and genuine comfort and confidence—all guaranteed within 90 days.

Really make the most of your recent funding with Consero Global. Contact us to learn more.


Top questions when thinking about outsourcing your finance & accounting

Let’s go over some of the top questions from prospective clients:

Q: “What will my Consero Global team look like?”

A: You’ll have one dedicated VP of Finance with 15 to 20 years of experience overseeing and managing the accounting team assigned to you.

Your team is customized to your role and business needs, and every member of your team is a degreed accountant, with 70% of our team possessing a post graduate degree in accounting.

Q: “How do you understand the nuances of my business?”

A: Every business has things that make them unique. We come to the table with proven systems and processes that work for all companies, and then customize according to your unique needs.

Typically, the most unique aspect of a business is its revenue model. That’s why we work with you to define an optimized process for managing all of your revenue from quote to cash.

Q: “How do I know that everything is getting done?”

A: During the implementation of Consero, we work with you to identify all the tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Then, we systemize everything into workflows and track all items, so you have total transparency regarding what your team is working on. Our clients have said that this gives them more visibility and control than what they’d previously had with their in-house team.

Q: “With you guys doing so much, what will I be working on?”

A: This depends on your role.

If you’re a CEO, we can manage your accounting and finance department completely, all the way down to basic bookkeeping.

If you’re a CFO or Controller, we can support all accounting functions below you, enabling you to focus on the strategic aspects of your role.

Whatever your role or business needs may be, Consero Global can help.


3 main concerns when evaluating Finance as a Service

At Consero Global, your peace of mind is important to us. So, let’s discuss some potential concerns you might have when evaluating the Finance as a Service model:

1. “We’ve outgrown an outsourced solution.”

Consero Global’s Finance as a Service model is different than the traditional accounting consulting model. We help companies by implementing a turnkey accounting system, complete with processes and a team of experts. We work with companies that generate several hundred million in revenue, so we can scale and grow with you. And, we do it at the most cost-effective price point, in the shortest amount of time.

2. “I’ll just hire one person to figure it out, since I don’t have time to manage this.”

This is actually how many companies fail—by hiring just one person to do everything. But in order to have a world class accounting and finance department, you need a variety of skillsets. With us, that’s exactly what you get—a team of experts in every area. Whether it’s design and implementations or daily accounting activities, we have experts trained and ready. Our clients have found that our expert team approach has significantly better outcomes than just hiring one individual and hoping they can take care of everything.

3. “As a CFO, what will there be left for me to do once Consero is implemented?”

The role of CFO comes with many responsibilities, including both operational and strategic tasks. Consero Global works with some of the best CFOs in the nation. We’ve supported them by taking over the operational duties so they can confidently focus on the strategic ones, like being the best CEO’s right hand they can be. Save your time for the strategic parts of the job the tasks that need your experience, intellect, and insight like interacting with the CEO/Board, and employees, M&A, Funding, and growing the company.

We can help. Contact us to find out how.

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Lack of scalability will hinder your business growth

You have survived and thrived as a startup. You have customers and a healthy balance sheet. Does your business have the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost?

Lack of scalability can hinder your business growth. The challenge of a scaling company is the number of increasing transactions which need more complex financial oversight. Not having the right foundation in place to facilitate an effective workflow is like turning on a fire hydrant without connecting the hose — no one knows what’s going on and it’s flooding.

Some of the ways finance departments limit the scalability of companies is: process inefficiency, lack of clear information and inadequate controls.

4 tips to make sure you have scalability in your operations:

• Make sure you have the right skillsets on their team for different situations that arise
• Implement efficient processes that bring best practices from their industry
• Capture information in a way that you can report on the back end
• Have systems that are integrated and don’t require manual data manipulation and maintenance of data across different systems.

In this video Bill Klein, President of Consero, discusses how to avoid the most dangerous pitfalls and problems that arise when you are trying to get your company on a more scalable operational platform.

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Poor financial visibility hinders strategic operational decision making

In today’s competitive economy businesses are required to make decisions faster than ever. Businesses need direct insight into the status of their processes and financial position. However, manual spreadsheets and paper-based processes undermine strategic decision making. These outdated practices are also costly and inefficient.

For executives to have complete visibility of financial operations, they first need to gain a deeper insight into the overall position of the business.

Do you have access to insightful financial information that helps you make strategic business decisions? You may not have an understanding of what is driving the current and future performance of the business if you:

1. Lack the granularity of information to understand what is happening at an operational decision making level

2. Don’t have forward looking information that tells you what will happen if you do certain things or stay on the current course

As more organizations move away from spreadsheets and adopt more sophisticated systems, it will become easier for businesses to have deeper visibility and transparency in finance.

Consero brings financial visibility by first defining the end reporting requirements of the business. What does the business need to understand their operations? What do they need to be informed about what is actually happening? What is causing things to move in one way or the other way? Then, they take those requirements and map those back to the businesses processes and systems to make sure they are capturing information.

This allows Consero to report on the essential information and facilitate visibility to the business. That granularity and deeper level of detail is summarized in an easy-to-understand dashboard with financial summary.

Financial information becomes powerful when it is simple and straight forward. It is easier to take action and make informed strategic decisions. Watch this video to learn how Consero provides clarity, transparency and scalable back office operations to growing companies.

Two Common Business Fears When Choosing to Outsource Finance

Bill Klein, President of Consero Global, explains two fears that companies face when choosing to go with a BPO or a managed financial solution. Executives have a fear of losing control and fear of disruption.

The first fear is loss of control. The fear is that not having someone on-site at the customer’s location will diminish control. Executives instinctively want a live person that is accountable and readily available. When something goes wrong, there has to be an egg to fry.

True, most BPO activities are virtual. However, what is often overlooked is that BPO can actually create a safer system for data processing, while the control rests firmly in the customer’s hands. BPO does not mean that there is no one to quickly field questions or provide information to the management team. If you are a startup on the heels of early success, you won’t have a massive development team or roster of experienced finance professionals capable of building, testing, and launching new processes. Keep your focus on improving your core capabilities. Do what you do best, let others do the rest.

Transferring the running of back-office finance & administration to an outsourced provider does not mean you transfer control. For example, at Consero, we bring a tremendous amount of transparency to a business by making information available at a glance and in an intuitive fashion. The executive team has all the information about the business and can easily pull it up on their phone, tablet or laptop. Additionally, a financial summary provides a narrative of the data. This eliminates the “go ask” environment that so many SBMs find themselves in.

The second fear is disruption. How much time is this going to steal out of my day? Will changing our internal processes have a negative impact on our productivity? Too many executives know they have a bad financial solution but are fearful of the disruption to the company during implementation and would rather deal with the existing pain. Outsourcing vendors have the intellectual, technological and social resources to become a true partner in the success of the buyer.

Outsourcing to a managed financial solution helps to capture new efficiencies and reallocate the resources. Efficiency increases productivity. Availability of skilled employees and adoption of sophisticated technologies leads to utilization of resources and productivity.

Consero has a unique approach allows us to transform our clients finance departments into engines that drive the business forward without diverting executive time away from growing the business. We provide a quick install of our financial solution with minimal disruption to the business. Now operational, companies are able access all their financial information on demand, with up to the minute reporting on financial standing. Consero clients receive superior financial information to support executive decision making, reliable back office processes and greater operational scalability while reducing the time executives spend managing their finance function.

You can eliminate your fears of outsourcing. If you have well-built processes, a dedicated finance and accounting team, and a known software platform, you can have a successful managed financial service that gives you efficiency, transparency and the necessary information to make strategic decisions. The result will be accelerated growth and scalability without disrupting your operations or consuming your time.

For more information on how Consero can help you gain control without disruption, contact us today.

Tactical Solutions Can’t Fix Strategic Problems

Bill Klein, President of Consero Global explains that many companies realize they have a broken financial process and usually try to fix it by doing one of two things. They hire new people or a financial accounting consultant. Or they purchase new financial software. Unfortunately, neither of these choices addresses the crucial third piece in the puzzle: the process. Most new hires or financial experts don’t have the breadth of experience necessary nor are they usually working with financial software that is powerful enough to support your financial needs.

The key to fixing the broken financial process is combining the people, software and the process. We provide experienced people with enterprise-class financial software and implement a financial process that will work for each customer. Our team goes into an engagement with clear understanding of financial best practices backed by dozens of implementations under their belt.

The Consero Financial Solution is a completely managed financial solution that delivers companies with a greater level of financial insight and control. Once a company chooses Consero, we provide a quick implementation of our financial solution with minimal disruption to your business. Once operational, companies are now able access all their financial information on demand, with up-to the-minute reporting on financial standing via a phone, iPad or desktop.

Consero clients receive superior financial information to support executive decision making, reliable back office processes and greater operational scalability while reducing the time executives spend managing their finance function. With our talented people, robust software and proven process — you will be glad that you switched to Consero.