Investing in the SMB space
When you put money into an enterprise you want to understand how your investment is performing and having access to clear and insightful financial information is a critical component of gaining that understanding.  Additionally, you want to know that the financial operations for your portfolio companies are running efficiently and cost effectively to maximize the profitability and value of the business.

Most SMBs have trouble affording, attracting and retaining high-level finance personnel and are reliant one person’s skillset to address a full range of issues that at a larger enterprise would be handled by a full finance team.  Additionally, underlying software applications at the SMB lack integration and scalability and often hinder the ability to produce insightful financial information.

The common end result is:

  • A lack of timely, reliable financial information
  • Inefficient non-scalable operations that can hinder the growth and the return on your investment

With Consero, you will receive comprehensive financial reporting on your investment companies. Learn more about our Financial Solution.

Scott Wenhold

“Capital is very tight if you are a venture backed company. When you are new, you may need a general-ledger accountant and accounts payable and accounts receivable expertise, but you may not need them full time. And when cash is dear, and you’ve got a full-time head doing a 50% job, it’s painful. Consero can put in a 50% person until you grow into the need for a full-timer.”

Scott Wenhold CFO, Synergis
Sarah Jones Simmer

“I’ve been universally impressed by every member of our Consero team, especially their ability to ensure a smooth transition from our prior consulting firm. As a pre-launch company, we really value the team’s input to our revenue recognition approach and their deep expertise with e-commerce and online transactions. Each member of the team is detailed, professional and a pleasure to work with. I’m confident we made the right decision to switch to Consero.”

Sarah Jones SimmerHead of Business Development and Partnerships, Phlur