Growing your business can’t be done with cookie-cutter financial solutions. As your business grows, your finances, and financial management, inevitably become more complex and require customized solutions.

What Do Our Outsourced CFO Consulting Services Do?

When a company or organization is in need of project related services, temporary financial guidance or leadership, CFO Consulting Services comes in to fill that gap. This is a fully customized service that ensures you can meet your current high-priority organizational needs from strategic fund-raising to strategic planning to process development and optimization.

Depending on what stage of growth a business is in, they may require specialized help to manage their finances effectively during each stage. For instance, growing a $5 million company into a $10 million company requires very different foresight and strategic planning than growing a $50 million. Bringing the right skillset at the right time for the right problem is a crucial step in any financial growth plan, and not all CFOs are equipped with the expertise to handle any stage of growth.

At Consero, our CFO Consulting Services can meet you wherever your company is at. We help our clients evolve and optimize their financial operations in the face of changing needs as they grow. Whether your business is still in its initial foundation stage or is growing at a rapid pace, an outsourced consultant is able to take a huge burden off your organization’s shoulders.

Meets You Where You’re At

CFO Consulting Services companies like Consero offer a fully customized service that ensures you can meet your current high-priority organizational needs from strategic fund-raising to strategic planning to process development and optimization.

Reduces Your Overhead Cost

Pay for the time and resources you need, when you need them. If you are not able to hire an in-house CFO, outsourcing your CFO consulting is all you’ll need to cut your overall cost while reaping the benefits.

How Consero’s CFO Consulting Services Can Launch Your Company Growth

CFO Consulting Services is the perfect solution when you have financial projects but do not have the expertise or staff to handle them. You get the financial leadership you need to achieve your goals. At Consero, our CFO services work in tandem with our other financial solutions to help you manage all aspects of your financial department, including:

Capital Raise

  • Funding options and business objectives alignment
  • Investor targeted financial summary
  • Creation of investor pitch deck
  • Prospective investor introductions
  • Finance representation at investor meetings
  • Deal negotiation support

Capital Deployment

  • Strategic planning support
  • Detailed operational budget & forecast
  • Reporting and analysis of financial performance vs. plan
  • Establish deeper KPIs for measuring operational performance
  • Investor communication
  • Board meeting representation

M&A Transactions

  • Buy-side support
  • Sell-side support
  • Post-transaction integration support

Our CFO Consulting Services work in the tech/software/services industries, with companies that have over 15 employees. With state-of-the-art technology and a full staff of highly experienced financial experts, you can trust that you’re getting the best CFO services available. We work side by side as a team to achieve your specific goals.

Hire Consero For A Comprehensive Financial Solution

Consero offers a wide variety of financial services to meet your company’s needs at every stage. If you’re ready to develop and maintain your organization’s growth, explore our full range of comprehensive financial services or talk to a Consero representative.

·        “Consero provides the financial backbone that grows and changes alongside high-growth organizations, all the while offering critical financial planning and analysis support.”

·        “It’s a one-stop shop and is incredibly beneficial to us. It’s why we’ve been able to improve the financial condition of the organization over the last three years.”

“My Consero team continues to look ahead. They not only handle their day to day tasks, but continuously work on improving the process. Reporting is always accurate and on time.”

“Because Consero had my finance & accounting completely buttoned up, including all supporting documentation, we were able to complete our transaction with a very quick and easy diligence process and maximize the valuation of the business.”