Add-On Acquisition Readiness

Rollups have emerged as a dynamic and increasingly popular approach to consolidating multiple businesses under a single entity.

In this discussion, Consero’s VP of Client Solutions, Chris Hartenstein, provides a comprehensive overview of add-on acquisitions, exploring their benefits, challenges, and key considerations for a financially successful implementation.

Whether you are a business leader, finance executive, or investor looking to explore rollup strategies, this webinar is your opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry thought leaders and experts. This presentation will:

  • Explore growth acceleration strategies
  • Discuss financial and operational considerations
  • Highlight successful, real-world rollup strategies

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CFO Success Stories : Gain efficiency and reduce costs in the finance function

In today’s uncertain economy, finance leaders are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive operational efficiency, streamline processes and minimize costs.

In this conversational webinar, Consero’s VP of Client Success, Lisa Eyer, will interview a panel of investor-backed CFOs in the SaaS and Health Tech industries, Ellen Purdy (6x PE-backed CFO) and John Araki (VC-backed CFO). They will their firsthand success stories and insights on how they transformed their finance functions into agile and cost-effective powerhouses. To learn more about Consero, visit us at: Request a Consultation

Economic Downturn Tech & Trends: The role of Finance as a Service in today’s marketplace

New data underscores the critical role that outsourcing plays in the overall finance and accounting market today. Finance is now the 2nd most outsourced function among corporations, behind IT and ahead of payroll and customer service, with 44% of businesses outsourcing the finance function.

Join us for an engaging virtual info session where we will discuss a Big Four Market Study about the critical role Finance as a Service (FaaS) plays in today’s finance and accounting marketplace. You’ll hear real stories directly from a CFO with over 35 years of combined management and consulting experience in multiple industries, including software, tech, and services.

Key discussion points will include:

  • How can you free up money to support the core business
  • How to button up financials in a challenging funding environment
  • How outsourcing adds efficiency and expertise
  • Case study showing a 34% cost savings using FaaS vs. building in-house

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Ok2Charge Leverages Consero’s Finance as a Service

Knowledge Bites: Client discussion with Eric Broughton, CEO of OK2Charge

During the discussion, Eric Broughton expressed why he chose to continue to use Finance as a Service as a repeat client.

The discussion also expresses how Consero provided:

  • A scalable platform that allows for easy access to business KPIs
  • Fully trained staff to manage back-office activities and day-to-day transactional accounting that will allow OK2Charge to grow
  • Well-documented processes that allow for audit and due diligence readiness

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C-Suite Roundtable with Consero: A Recession Playbook for Managing Finances & Operations

As the global economy faces uncertainty and the possibility of a recession, it’s essential for C-Suite executives to have a clear plan for managing finances and operations. Watch the on-demand C-Suite Roundtable: A Recession Playbook for Managing Finances and Operations where the executive panel shares practical strategies and insights on how to navigate these challenging times. You will learn about:
  • Key financial metrics to track during a recession
  • Best practices for reducing operational costs and maximizing efficiency
  • Strategies for securing funding and maintaining cash flow
  • The role of technology in enabling resilience and agility
Moderated by Consero Private Equity Director Tony Esposito, the panel includes the following C-Suite executives:
  1. John Araki, CFO of RecoveryOne…
  2. Craig Fryar, COO of BankingON
  3. Raj Lakhani, CFO of CORE
To learn more about how Consero’s Finance as a Service solution can help you manage through turbulent times, request a 30-minute intro today: Request a Consultation
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CFO Roundtable – Managing OpEx During Economic Downturn

Surviving and even thriving in times of economic uncertainty may seem like a lofty challenge. However, there are certain metrics and prompt actions executives can take to manage operational expenses and prepare for an economic downturn.

In this virtual roundtable, you’ll hear from a panel of CFOs experienced in the software, IT services and telecommunication industry:

David Dolmanet, CFO of BryComm
Jessica Hamilton, CFO of Active Prospect
Steve Isom, CFO of Bloomerang

Learn how Finance as a Service can transform your organization and: Unify and clarify your numbers and processes

– Reduce the time you spend on the finance function by 90%

– Alleviate the need to hire and train finance & accounting staff

– Get an enterprise-level and accelerated finance function within as little as 30-90 days

– Enable growth as a driving force behind your business’s momentum and profitability

Let’s discuss how Consero can help your company, contact us here:

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3 Tips To Be Audit And Due Diligence Ready, And Why It Matters with Mike Dansby

How can you maximize the value from your audit and/ due diligence process? You may have had challenges with your audit or be in the midst of planning for the next one. It’s possible your company may be pursuing the next round of funding. How can you be better prepared? How can you maximize the value of your business?

Join Consero’s webinar to hear real stories – the good, the bad, and the ugly – directly from Mike Dansby, a CFO with more than 35 years of combined management and consulting experience in multiple industries including software, tech, and services.

You’ll learn how you can reduce your audit risks and help your organization to be audit and due-diligence-ready.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll discover:

* How to improve your process for preparing audit and due diligence-ready financials
* Why having buttoned-up financials at all times is critical to valuation
* Ways to ensure your company successfully completes an audit and due diligence

Learn more about how you can quickly get an efficient and audit-ready finance function:

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Signs Your Organization Has Outgrown its Finance & Accounting Software

According to a survey by Sage Intacct, over one-third of financial executives are actively searching for finance and accounting software alternatives. Whether you are on QuickBooks, or Zero, you may be experiencing some limitations of the finance & accounting software you implemented early on in your startup days. But when is the right time to migrate to a new, more advanced solution?

Watch this on-demand webinar where our presenters identify the major signs an organization has outgrown its current finance and accounting software. They will provide suggestions on what alternatives your peers are using. We will also be speaking with a finance leader who has recently moved off QuickBooks, and why.

If you would like to discuss your unique circumstance and how to accelerate your finance function, connect with us here.

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CFO of Roberson Stephens Gets Efficient Finance & Accounting Function From Scratch

David Westbrook, CFO of Robertson Stephens, shares his past experience joining the company under the sponsorship of Long Arc Capital and a brand new management team.

Learn how Robertson Stephens leveraged Consero’s Finance as a Service to reduce time spent on building an F&A function and how Consero provided:

  • A turnkey, fully managed back-office
  • Access to a reliable and skilled finance team
  • Advanced reporting to support digital transformation
  • Support for add-on acquisitions
  • A back-office team to offload transactional roles so David could focus on investment growth
  • Take a look at why Finance as a Service and a fully managed financial solution could be a fit for you

Quotes from David Westbrook:

  • “Consero gives me time to put my attention on the growth thesis. 50% of my time is on M&A which I would not have time to do without Consero’s support. “
  • “The story is simple, Long Arc came to me and said “David, we can hire you and only you. You wouldn’t need to hire a team or find an accounting system, Consero can bring all of that to the table.””
  • “We receive a full suite of services from Consero – from HR, payroll, benefits, interface for AP to general ledger – Consero takes care of everything. I just sit at the top of the pyramid and complete final approvals.”
  • “Consero helps significantly with getting audits done timely and providing the reports auditors need. I can actually go away on winter vacations, which was something I was never able to do previously. I know Consero has things under control with the auditors and I don’t need to worry.”
  • “We have well thought out processes and appropriate segregation of duties, all thanks to Consero. That makes not only the auditors happy but also our investor because they can see that we have the proper controls and have mitigated risk of financial fraud. There is a dual protection from having auditors and Consero review the finances.”
  • “As much as I like QuickBooks for small businesses, I hate QuickBooks from a control perspective. I have audited many firms that use QuickBooks, and it is painful from an audit point of view.”
  • “In regard to SAP implementation, I have never met one that was on time or on budget ever. Consero had us up and running within a week. I wouldn’t have even been able to produce a list of accounting packages to consider in the same amount of time that we went from having nothing, to being fully functional.”
  • “When they brought me on board, I could have focused on all the building blocks needed to get a finance function in place but then I would not have been focused on building the business which is what they needed me to do.”

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2022 CFO Survey with Consero and Jack McCullough

We invite you to review the full results of the survey by clicking here:…

In this video, we explore what CFOs of institutionally backed companies are grappling with. Special guest Jack McCullough, the Founder of the CFO Leadership Council, provides insights to this conversational webinar on trends and topics uncovered in the survey results.

Bartley O’Dwyer and Tony Esposito join Jack to discuss:

-The optimal state, size and organizational structure for a F&A function as a business scales
– Where CFOs should consider investing at different inflection points as a business scales
– Hidden costs and spending time on value-driving activities

The results were based on the responses of 100 PE-backed CFOs. Please feel free to download this complimentary report to discover how CFOs are optimizing for growth.

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