Consero Client Dive-In and Dine with Chad Denton: Delivering the best impact to your investor

Watch the Client Dive-In & Dine discussion with Chad Denton, CFO of findhelp, as he shares how to deliver the best impact to investors. As an investor-backed CFO of a healthcare software company, Chad created a cost-effective, scalable, data-driven finance function by partnering with Consero and leveraging the Finance as a Service model.

Learn why findhelp chose Finance as a Service (FaaS) and how Consero provided:

– A standard set of financials via SIMPL® with additional custom reports as needed

– A solution and pricing structure that scales with the business with additional support as needed via Consero’s Advisory and Staff Augmentation Services

– An experienced finance & accounting team to act as a trusted advisor and close books by business day 10

– Freed executives from spending time on F&A so they could focus on strategy and developing internal team

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Due Diligence Readiness: Navigating State and Local Tax Complexities in M&A Deals

Over the past four years, state and local taxes have become a key component of all due diligence reviews, especially in software and services industries. Sellers have realized that lack of controls and compliance in areas such as sales and income tax have resulted in significant escrow hold backs during the sale process. 

That’s why Consero is partnering with Source Advisors, a premier specialized tax consulting firm, for this on-demand webinar that aims to help sellers prepare for a future sale as well as help minimize historical liabilities. We will also explain how companies currently in the sale process can work with buyers to minimize escrow amounts.

Whether you are preparing for a future sale or are currently engaged in the process, this webinar is essential for unlocking the full potential of your transaction.

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Add-On Acquisition Readiness Part 2

With studies by Deloitte revealing that over 50 percent of acquisitions don’t achieve the expected ROI or value, businesses face a formidable challenge. How can organizations better prepare their acquisition strategy to beat the odds? 

In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experienced leaders (who have been involved in hundreds of acquisitions combined) explore the benefits, challenges, and key considerations for a financially successful acquisition. The panel includes:

– Trey Chambers, CFO of Idera (backed by TA Associates)
– Keith Collins, Managing Director with Seaside Equity Partners
– Chris Hartenstein, VP of Client Solutions with Consero
– Michael Foley, VP of Finance for Consero and Previously Experlogix, Therapy Brands

The panel will cover:

– Market Outlook Predictions
– Keys to a Successful Acquisition/Indicators of Challenges
– Consero’s Role in Supporting Acquisitions
– Target Selection and Due Diligence
– Integration Strategies and Checklists
– Considerations Related to Human Capital

Rapid Growth: Lessons and Learnings with Keel Digital COO, Jay Fischbach

As the economy gains momentum post-downturn, business leaders and investors are refocusing on revenue growth. In this on-demand event, Keel Digital, COO, Jay Fischbach shares his wealth of experience and expertise in navigating the challenges of rapid growth in a health tech SaaS company.

Whether you’re a startup looking to scale or an established company aiming for accelerated growth, this video is designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for C-Suite executives, finance leaders and investors.

The agenda includes:

– Overview of Keel Digitals margins and re-organization
– Evolving with the changing climate
– How outsourcing with partners can support growth
– Rapid growth: lessons & learnings
– Key reasons for success

Fueling Your Growth: The Power of Fractional CFO Services (Consero Webinar)

While the CFO role is experiencing a wave of high turnover and escalating salaries across various industries, the significance of the role has also surged. A striking 90% of executives believe that the CFO role has significantly increased importance in response to economic uncertainty and growing financial complexity (Source: CFO). With companies searching for financial expertise, many are now turning to Fractional CFOs to offer strategic guidance on an outsourced basis.

During this video, you will discover how Fractional CFO Services, whether project-related assistance, temporary financial guidance, or financial leadership, can catalyze your company’s growth.

Our agenda will cover the following key topics:

– Outlook of the CFO Role
– Benefits of a Fractional CFO
– Evolution and finance function of a growing business
– When hiring a fractional CFO makes sense
– How to choose and benefit from the partnership 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry experts and discover how Fractional CFO Services can be a game-changer for your organization.

Jeff Stoss, Client CFO and CFO Services Lead, Consero
Trey Swain, Client CFO, Consero

Consero Client Discussion: Base10 Partners – First Black-Led VC Firm To Cross $1 Billion AUM

In this Consero client discussion with Jarred Morales-Mckinzie, Director of Finance at Base10 Partners, shares his experience in a venture capital firm with $1.8B in assets under management. Base10 is the first black-led VC firm to cross $1 billion AUM with new fund and chose to partner with Consero because we specialize in finance and accounting for investment management businesses in additional to software and professional service orgs.

Learn why Base10 chose Finance as a Service and how Consero provided:

– An integrated and custom accounting platform with tested processes, procedures, and solutions
– An experienced finance & accounting team to act as a trusted advisor
– Automation of data flow with built-in segregation of duties
– Established controls and transparency to mitigate risk and support the fast growing firm
– Freed executives from spending time on F&A so they could focus on strategy and closing deals

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Add-On Acquisition Readiness

Rollups have emerged as a dynamic and increasingly popular approach to consolidating multiple businesses under a single entity.

In this discussion, Consero’s VP of Client Solutions, Chris Hartenstein, provides a comprehensive overview of add-on acquisitions, exploring their benefits, challenges, and key considerations for a financially successful implementation.

Whether you are a business leader, finance executive, or investor looking to explore rollup strategies, this webinar is your opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry thought leaders and experts. This presentation will:

  • Explore growth acceleration strategies
  • Discuss financial and operational considerations
  • Highlight successful, real-world rollup strategies

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CFO Success Stories : Gain efficiency and reduce costs in the finance function

In today’s uncertain economy, finance leaders are constantly seeking innovative ways to drive operational efficiency, streamline processes and minimize costs.

In this conversational webinar, Consero’s VP of Client Success, Lisa Eyer, will interview a panel of investor-backed CFOs in the SaaS and Health Tech industries, Ellen Purdy (6x PE-backed CFO) and John Araki (VC-backed CFO). They will their firsthand success stories and insights on how they transformed their finance functions into agile and cost-effective powerhouses. To learn more about Consero, visit us at: Request a Consultation

Economic Downturn Tech & Trends: The role of Finance as a Service in today’s marketplace

New data underscores the critical role that outsourcing plays in the overall finance and accounting market today. Finance is now the 2nd most outsourced function among corporations, behind IT and ahead of payroll and customer service, with 44% of businesses outsourcing the finance function.

Join us for an engaging virtual info session where we will discuss a Big Four Market Study about the critical role Finance as a Service (FaaS) plays in today’s finance and accounting marketplace. You’ll hear real stories directly from a CFO with over 35 years of combined management and consulting experience in multiple industries, including software, tech, and services.

Key discussion points will include:

  • How can you free up money to support the core business
  • How to button up financials in a challenging funding environment
  • How outsourcing adds efficiency and expertise
  • Case study showing a 34% cost savings using FaaS vs. building in-house

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Ok2Charge Leverages Consero’s Finance as a Service

Knowledge Bites: Client discussion with Eric Broughton, CEO of OK2Charge

During the discussion, Eric Broughton expressed why he chose to continue to use Finance as a Service as a repeat client.

The discussion also expresses how Consero provided:

  • A scalable platform that allows for easy access to business KPIs
  • Fully trained staff to manage back-office activities and day-to-day transactional accounting that will allow OK2Charge to grow
  • Well-documented processes that allow for audit and due diligence readiness

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