Consero EGM 20160421With Consero, our Cloud Software Platform ensures that all your data is connected and accessible anytime, anywhere via the cloud. Our foundation is an enterprise-level accounting package that is connected to best-of-breed software programs. Leveraging the cloud — allows programs to share data effectively, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience while decreasing costs.

Many companies come to us, frustrated with the reality of disconnected data and not quite sure how to solve this problem. Getting in into this situation is easy. Companies start using one financial software program that is geared for small businesses to address one specific need; one for accounting, another for travel and entertainment, and another for invoicing. Since the data is usually not synced, information has to be double or triple entered into multiple financial systems, which results in incorrect information. The inefficiencies created by these systems increase exponentially with each new employee, client, or vendor that is added.

As your company grows, you want a financial solution that is capable of addressing your impending growth. You want to be able to generate operational reports quickly and easily. You want to make it as easy as possible to understand what is happening in your business: past, present, and future. Consero makes this happen.

“In terms of providing reliable financial information and responding to requests, Consero is first-rate. We can quickly see what is happening in the business today and where to take action to keep the business moving forward.”

·        “What I love about Consero is that they simplify all the complexities of financial operations my business into an easy to use platform. I now have instant one-click access to that information when I’m on the phone with investors.”

“This amazing portal gives me access to critical data. I now have instant access to any piece of financial data that I want to see about my company. I’m a different kind of business manager today. I don’t have to do the financials, and I don’t have to worry about it, but now I can understand it. That is pretty meaningful to me.”