Top tech gadgets every CFO needs in their arsenal

Tech gadgets can certainly enhance our effectiveness. If you’re a CFO, some useful devices can make a difference in your daily life. With so much time spent crunching numbers, saving an extra hour can let you relax instead of thinking about work. Take a look at our list of top tech gadgets that every CFO should have in their arsenal.

1. Treadmill Desk

Sitting at your desk for long hours can cause neck and back pain. If you want to get a workout and maintain good posture while working, a treadmill desk may be the best choice for you. Research repeatedly confirms that sedentary office jobs increase heart disease and obesity risk, which is why you should be proactive and consider walking while working. With a treadmill desk, you can burn calories, stretch your legs, and improve your posture.

2. Smart Watch

Smart Watches are a convenient devices. The gadget keeps you connected to your contacts, email, and favorite apps. You can check your schedule, check your Financial Management dashboard, text or call – all from one compact screen.

3. Kinetic Shoes

What are kinetic shoes and why should I trade my classic Oxfords for a pair? Well, if you walk to meetings a lot, you know that a lot of energy is expended while moving around. Kinetic shoes are designed to harvest the energy from walking and use it to charge devices like phones and laptops.

4. ili Wearable Translator

At times, you can’t wait for your translators but need to speak to personnel or clients in other countries. But how to do it when you don’t speak the same language? With the ili wearable translator, you can get an instant translation without the need for an Internet connection. The proprietary device can be worn around your neck, put in a pocket, or held in your hand.

5. Hudway Glass

There are some places where talking or texting on a smartphone while behind the wheel is illegal. Every year, more than a million deaths occur in accidents caused by smartphone distractions. Drivers often take their eyes off the road, but there’s no need for that with HUD (Head Up Display) technology, like the one used in Hudway Glass. The technology allows you to watch videos, text, and tweet while driving. Due to the constant need for communication, CFOs can use it to tend to their duties and be more productive while on the road.

Embrace the technology. These great gadgets were invented because the people who made them recognized the need, and how it could enhance productivity and effectiveness, as well as physical and mental health. As a CFO, you can consider getting yourself some of these gadgets. We’re sure that they will make a lot of things easier, helping you to focus on more essential elements regarding financial management.

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