Finance Services for Investors

In an ever increasingly competitive investment environment, Consero’s Finance as a Service solutions offer private equity firms a unique and faster way to improve the operational profitability of their portfolio companies, as well as increase visibility into financial performance and enable more informed decision making.

The Problem:

The same common challenges leave almost all private equity firms struggling to get new portfolio company finance and accounting to a point where it can produce timely, accurate, and audit-ready financial information in a cost-effective fashion.

The Consero Solution – Finance as a Service:

Through a combination of innovative software automation and workflows along with experienced finance & accounting professionals, Consero quickly transforms portfolio company finance functions into engines that efficiently support a company’s daily financial operations and strategic decision making while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Consero’s pre-integrated platform allows rapid optimization of portfolio company financial operations:


  • A complete finance and accounting department of experienced professionals
  • Proven finance and accounting software stack
  • Single login for all financial information and finance team communication
  • Easy-to-switch entities for view financials for all portfolio companies
  • Advanced financial reporting and analytics

The Results:

  • More informed decision making with visibility to underlying business performance drivers
  • Streamlined and scalable portfolio company operations in 1/3 of the time
  • 30% lower F&A expenses for increased EBITDA and enterprise value


“When the back-office is not working, it takes up time from work that can actually move the needle for the business. Businesses in growth-mode can’t afford that wasted time. Consero gives our portfolio CEO the freedom to focus on those critical initiatives. We already covered ground that I don’t think we would have covered.” 

 Jack Cardwell, Partner – Greenridge Investment Partners

“Because Consero had my finance & accounting completely buttoned up, including all supporting documentation, we were able to complete our transaction with a very quick and easy due diligence process and maximize the valuation of the business.”

Eric Broughton, CEO – Esupply Systems