Processing transactions and reporting on what happened are table stakes, but Consero’s Finance Services provide the financial oversight, guidance, and insights you need to make business decisions confidently and to free your time to stay focused on reaching company objectives.

One of the greatest challenges of any business is financial planning. How do you know what to realistically expect for your company’s future, what you should plan for, and what you should do to ensure you reach your growth goals? Planning of any kind of course begins with gathering information, and the more information you have at your fingertips, the more sophisticated and successful your growth plan will be. But having access to your company’s financial records, performance metrics, expenditure, etc. is just the first step. Analyzing that data and developing a comprehensive strategy is where many companies fail for a variety of legitimate reasons:

  • Lack of Time. With all the other pressing items on your plate, finding enough time to thoroughly and effectively analyze data is virtually impossible.
  • Lack of Expertise. You know your business and your industry. You know your goals, and where you plan to take your company. But financial management expertise is something you’ve likely considered hiring a new team member for, or hiring a financial services company.
  • Lack of Resources. There’s your ideal financial growth plan, and then there’s the one that you can realistically attain within the parameters of your resources.

This is where Consero Global’s finance services come in. Our experienced financial leaders work alongside your team to give you and other stakeholders clarity on the drivers of the financial performance of your business today, help you understand what’s going to happen looking forward, and determine what you can do to affect those results.

What is Financial Planning & Analysis?

The ultimate goal of our team is to help CEOs and CFOs make informed corporate and financial decisions regarding the future growth and security of the company. Unlike accounting and bookkeeping, FP&A includes in-depth analysis and evaluation of a company’s financial position, with the intent of laying out an effective growth track. Financial planning analysts seek to answer questions such as:

  • How has your company traditionally performed financially and why
  • Where is your company not operating cost-effectively, and how can that be improved
  • What are the market trends, specifically in your industry, and how can we leverage them
  • Where does your company have the most opportunity for growth and profit

In order to answer these questions, and many others, we work with your internal teams to look at all available data, past and present, as well as market trends, your company’s cash flow and ROI, overall financial health, and more. This crucial process can be broken down into four elements:



Budgeting & Forecasting

Planning & Budgeting

Financial Modeling


External Reporting


While no two companies are the same, one consistent reason across the board that companies fail is due to poor planning for financial growth and stability. We provide you with financial experts to walk through each element of your business and find the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

But the success of your business doesn’t hinge on the plan itself. It hinges on the execution, making it crucial to not only have a financial growth plan but to work with a company with a track record of implementing these plans successfully.

How Consero Can Help Guide Your Company’s Financial Growth

Consero’s history of successful growth strategy development was born out of not just an expert understanding of finance, accounting, bookkeeping, and market trends, but also from a genuine desire to see your business succeed. While any company that offers FP&A services will provide financial planning analysts to develop a growth plan for you, Consero takes it several steps further with our Finance as a Service (FaaS) software, and our unique, customized, and completely transparent approach to your business growth. Our team of financial experts will support your team in every way, including:

  • Financial Leadership
  • Business Decision Making
  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Company Financial Data Analysis
  • Management Reporting and Narrative
  • Board & Bank Reporting
  • Investor Communication and Reporting
  • Audit Support
  • Acquisition Integration Support

Outsourcing your company’s finance function is an important decision that requires more than a cursory glance at your possible options. Contact our team at Consero to schedule a free demo, and we’ll walk you through our processes, what you can expect as a Consero partner, and answer any questions you have.


Need More Than Financial Planning?

Consero offers a wide variety of financial services to meet your company’s needs exactly where you’re at. Explore our full range of comprehensive financial services, or talk to a Consero representative.

“Consero allowed me to implement a scalable financial platform to support our growing operations in dramatically less time than doing it in-house while allowing me to stay focused on other critical objectives.”

“We’re better able to communicate our financial position to private equity investors by using Consero’s transparent SIMPL financial console.”

“Now I have instant, one-click access to all the financial data when when I’m in on the phone with an investor or in an investor meeting.”

“Now when I show up in the morning, I can think about the major initiatives of the business rather than spending time on reporting or checking on the daily operations of my group.”

“This amazing portal gives me access to critical data. I now have instant access to any piece of financial data that I want to see about my company. I’m a different kind of business manager today. I don’t have to do the financials and I don’t have to worry about it, but now I can understand it. That is pretty meaningful to me.”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Consero. They care about and understand my business. They have a combination of the right data and team of financial experts, it’s a winner.”