Strategic executives look for self-service to eliminate the “go ask” environment. What is usually happening is that there are different sources of information that come in complicated formats. The information is inaccurate or outdated because it gets compiled outside of the software. That creates a situation where there is no transparency, an overwhelming amount of time is consumed, and executives do not have the confidence in the numbers.

Consero’s SIMPL is uniquely different:

Consero makes financial data accessible via a financial dashboard so your team isn’t drowning in requests for information. Our software platform includes a single sign-on engagement layer called SIMPL and an integrated 3rd party finance & accounting software suite that can efficiently support all of your business operations. SIMPL gives you 24/7 access to everything from financial dashboards with real-time information at a glance to transactional level details and support documents all in one place. SIMPL allows you to share data effectively, increasing efficiency and operational visibility while decreasing costs. Consero eliminates the need to log into different systems and manually combine data to get simple views of how the business is performing.


With SIMPL you have an easy way to understand everything that is happening in your financial operations and interact with your finance department. These include:

  • Current cash position
  • Accounts receivable & accounts payable balances and details
  • Invoices
  • Interactive monthly financials
  • Custom financial reports
  • Graphical trends for revenue and spending
  • Status of finance team deliverables


We combine our back-office finance and administration expertise with integrated software to give clients clarity, scalability, and confidence at a fraction of the time and effort needed to build and maintain an in-house finance and accounting department. The Consero solution delivers substantial, ongoing benefits to your company faster than you may think. We will have you up and running with minimal impact to your business in as little as 30 days and guarantee the following benefits:


Consero’s outsourced financial solution combines traditional CFO, controller, and bookkeeping services with proven processes and integrated software that gives clients a dashboard view of how their company is performing as well as the ability to invoice customers and approve and pay bills and expense reports.

·        “What I love about Consero is that they streamline all the complexities of financial operations in my business into an easy-to-use platform. I now have instant one-click access to that information when I’m on the phone with investors.”

·        “We are better able to communicate our financial position to private equity investors by using Consero’s transparent SIMPL portal.”

·        “The Consero team seems to be available ALL the time. They do not just shut down at the end of the day… they work whatever hours are needed to complete tasks. I know I can always count on them.”

“SIMPL is amazing. It gives me access to critical data. I now have instant access to any piece of financial data that I want to see about my company. I’m a different kind of business manager today. I don’t have to do the financials, and I don’t have to worry about it, but now I can understand it. That is pretty meaningful to me.”