Finance as a Service for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Shelf space is a finite commodity so the CPG market is highly competitive. Until recently, it’s been difficult for manufacturers to take advantage of the internet and sell CPG through eCommerce and online channels.

Significant advances in mobile technology, automated supply chain management, machine learning and data analytics have balanced the scales and the promise of using the internet to sell consumer packaged goods through e-commerce channels is finally becoming a reality.

Capitalizing on opportunities means CPG companies will need to drive continuous operational and structural improvements by addressing working capital policies, processes, metrics and making informed financial decisions.

Some areas where you might struggle to get support:

  • Management of working capital as a strategic initiative
  • Making sure your large up-front investment has strong oversight
  • Help in modeling revenue growth by distributor and channels
  • Improvements in billing and cash collections
  • More effective management of payment terms
  • Anticipate the changing retail experience and migration to omni channel market
  • Identify when you need additional co-packers


We combine our back-office finance and administration expertise with integrated software to give clients clarity, scalability, and confidence at a fraction of the time and effort needed to build and maintain an in-house finance and accounting department. The Consero solution delivers substantial, ongoing benefits to your company faster than you may think.

Through our single sign-on cloud accounting software, Consero streamlines your critical financial management processes such as online billing, collections process, expense management and more.

Consero’s Finance as a Service model is more than just outsourced accounting. We provide a fully-managed software solution that:

  • Automates the day-to-day processes – like invoices, expenses, payments, and
  • Integrates with key business systems across the company
  • Makes your data available when, where and how you want it
  • Delivers broad revenue insights with complete reporting
  • Provides real-time dashboards and continuous consolidation of your AR/AP/Cash

The foundation for Consero’s financial console is its automation and integration. We replace slow, manual processes with automated accounting that delivers instant visibility into what’s really going on inside of your business.

Your books and robust analytics will be at your fingertips. Consero’s financial experts provide guidance to help you make the decisions that drive your company forward.


  • Cloud-based enables optimal productivity and efficiency
  • Consolidated data in a single view and ability to break out by product profitability
  • Designed to quickly scale with your business as you increase customers and vendors
  • Easy access and rapid, accurate reporting
  • Financial clarity to make decisions with confidence


Your Consero team has the experience to handle all your needs. Whether it’s maneuvering the tactical challenges of distributor bill-backs and inventory controls or the strategic considerations of pricing and financial modeling, Consero will provide the service and guidance you need to keep your business moving forward.

Anyone can use basic accounting software. Anyone can outsource their bookkeeping. Only Consero offers a comprehensive finance department you can trust to bring you the people, the technology and the processes to ensure your company’s finances and operations are running at the speed of your business.

You can buy software but if you don’t know how to use it, then you drain resources (time and money). We take you a huge step forward by providing you with the expert guidance and support that saves you time, frustration and energy. When you outsource your finance and accounting to Consero, you’ll have confidence in your numbers and time to spend on the initiatives that grow your company. Focus your talent on selling your products and expanding into new markets.