At an early-stage company there are certainly fewer resources to get your jobs done — not as many systems, certainly not as many people. Outsourcing F&A functions allows the strategic finance executive to stay out of the weeds so they can allocate more time to growth objectives.

Consero’s Seed Company Financial Solution offers entrepreneurs an enterprise class finance department which guarantees you have the financial guidance, visibility, support and infrastructure necessary to take your business to the next level. It combines a scalable software platform with experienced finance professionals who establish best-practice based business processes that are customized to your business and ensure all of your financial needs are addressed.

Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance: A dedicated team of finance and accounting professionals to help with fundraising support, financial modeling and projections, compliance management and strategic planning.


Professional Financial Reporting: Investor ready financial statements, cash runway monitoring and operational KPIs are available 24/7 in an online financial performance dashboard.

Reliable Bookkepping Icon

Reliable Bookkeeping: Offload your transactional processing of vendor bills, employee expenses and customer invoicing as well as reconciliations of credit cards and bank accounts all with improved visibility and controls.

Scalable Software Platform Icon

Scalable Software Platform: Single login to an integrated, best-of-breed cloud accounting software simplifies your financial operations and eliminates the need to cobble together different financial applications.

Cash flow is critical. You may know what your cash position is today, but if you don’t know your burn rate then how do you know when you will run out? Having the right financial model and KPIs is essential to your success.

Join more than 100 other growing companies with over $500M raised in capital who leverage Consero for the financial clarity and insight they need while minimizing the time and money spent on financial management.