Robert Alvarez is a two-time winner of the Austin Business Journal’s “CFO of the Year”. Hear how he gained efficiency and control by eliminating manual processes and having access to reporting that is real-time and actionable. Working with Consero has been so effective that this CFO would never build his own finance department to manage back-office and technology resources again.

PE-backed tech firm gets instant, one-click access to all financial data with Finance as a Service

Serial entrepreneur, William Hurley (Whurley), is the CEO of a quantum computing tech company in Austin, Texas. Whurley founded Chaotic Moon which exited to Accenture and then Honest Dollar which was acquired by Goldman Sachs.

When he looked at how he was going to manage finance & accounting, he evaluated everything from traditional outsourced finance to different tech platforms, tools and services. Nothing compared to Consero’s Finance as a Service option. Consero not only had the platform, tools and infrastructure they needed, but Consero had the experience in dealing with venture capitalists and private equity.

Consero’s Finance as a Service approach simplifies the complexities of the financial operations into an easy platform. Whurey has instant, one-click access to all the financial data when he is on the phone or in a meeting with investors.

From a finance perspective, when you approach investors for funding, it is important to have a 3rd party like Finance as a Service so there is an objective view. It provides an objective view of where you are at financially, what your projections are, and how well you are supported in the financial role. Consero helped Strangeworks understand what to report to private equity investors and, more importantly, how to present it.

The support of Consero’s Financial Planning & Analysis team was a tremendous help in figuring out the total adjustable market to modeling and planning what is needed to grow and scale the business. Whurley and the Strangeworks team get timely and accurate reporting and access to their financial operations through Consero’s SIMPL financial console. They also get help with the strategic side.

When there is an institutional investment, not only is there a new requirement for reporting, but there is a need for resource planning. Consero provides those FP&A services to Strangeworks on an as-needed basis. Scaling Strangework’s financial infrastructure is easy with Consero’s SIMPL. Through the SIMPL financial console, the company has a general ledger, expense reporting and everything they need to manage their financial needs as they grow the company.

Why is it important to have your books button up? You will be able to raise more money and raise money faster when your books are in order. But, when you get to an exit, nothing becomes more imperative than having your financial house in order.

With Consero’s Finance as a Service approach and the SIMPL financial console, Whurley is completely prepared with their finances as they grow and scale the business into the future. If Whurley had to build this in-house, it would be extremely difficult to estimate how much time and money would have been spent to duplicate what they are getting with such an easy-to-use service like Consero.

YouEarnedIt Client Testimonial

YouEarnedIt is a SaaS platform that drives employee recognition, engagement, and a connected culture. As a CEO, Autumn Manning wears many hats while she strives to build a company. She is involved in all facets of business from Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance. All too often, finance and accounting decisions can consume her day. She found it increasingly difficult to have clear financial picture of the company. This impacts her ability to be strategic and to be confident in her decision-making.

Every entrepreneur needs to focus their time on driving the growth of the business while having the financial information they need to confidently make decisions. Consero solves these problems by first bringing our experienced team to address your financials. We also implement our technology streamline processes and increase efficiency. Hear how quickly Consero met the implementation timelines and how Autumn was able to get a clear picture of where she wants to take the business.


KIMBIA provides an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform, plus digital services that are built with one goal in mind: to help customers grow their revenue. Technology should not hinder the donor or participant experience. It should speed and enhance it.

Before working with Consero, Phil Murray, VP of Finance & Administration, was challenged with high volume transactions and a limited team with processes and controls that needed improvement. It became time consuming to moderate processes and work at the transaction level. He was not sure if Consero could take their half-baked processes and run with them. During implementation, they discovered that it took Consero 6-8 weeks to accomplish what would have taken 6-8 months to do on their own.

Consero brought better systems, processes and software that KIMBIA didn’t have the budget or expertise to implement on their own. The result was progress and a streamlined accounting function. Now, Phil has a level of comfort to step out of the accounting function and operate in a more strategic role.

Austin Technology Council

ATC is the voice of Central Texas’ diverse and thriving technology and life sciences industries. By convening Austin’s top technology executives, ATC is leading the effort to meet the future needs of the industry through increased access to technical talent, increased access to later-stage capital, the support of a thriving life sciences ecosystem, and connectivity across the industry and with key stakeholders in Texas and around the world. As ATC continues to grow, it became apparent that their F&A services were very limited. They were relying heavily on using spreadsheets and manual transactions were labor intensive. Julie Huls brought on Consero to help them with these challenges. The biggest improvement Consero has made has been on the reporting functions. Bringing sophisticated reports to the board of directors has made a huge difference. Consero was also able to bring them a full team rather than a one person show. This allowed Julie to focus more on planning, forward thinking and strategy.

Collective Group

Many smart executives have great intuition, but lack the financial information to confidently make decisions. It becomes harder to run a business on instinct when you are growing in revenue and managing glitches and turnover. This CEO explains how he handled the most common challenges.


When finance & accounting is not your core competency: outsource. Kelly Shores, CEO of Sparksight, leverages Consero’s Finance as a Service model to offload critical tasks that are outside of his expertise. Consero frees his time so he can focus on his business.