Ok2Charge Leverages Consero’s Finance as a Service

Knowledge Bites: Client discussion with Eric Broughton, CEO of OK2Charge

During the discussion, Eric Broughton expressed why he chose to continue to use Finance as a Service as a repeat client.

The discussion also expresses how Consero provided:

  • A scalable platform that allows for easy access to business KPIs
  • Fully trained staff to manage back-office activities and day-to-day transactional accounting that will allow OK2Charge to grow
  • Well-documented processes that allow for audit and due diligence readiness

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CFO of Roberson Stephens Gets Efficient Finance & Accounting Function From Scratch

David Westbrook, CFO of Robertson Stephens, shares his past experience joining the company under the sponsorship of Long Arc Capital and a brand new management team.

Learn how Robertson Stephens leveraged Consero’s Finance as a Service to reduce time spent on building an F&A function and how Consero provided:

  • A turnkey, fully managed back-office
  • Access to a reliable and skilled finance team
  • Advanced reporting to support digital transformation
  • Support for add-on acquisitions
  • A back-office team to offload transactional roles so David could focus on investment growth
  • Take a look at why Finance as a Service and a fully managed financial solution could be a fit for you

Quotes from David Westbrook:

  • “Consero gives me time to put my attention on the growth thesis. 50% of my time is on M&A which I would not have time to do without Consero’s support. “
  • “The story is simple, Long Arc came to me and said “David, we can hire you and only you. You wouldn’t need to hire a team or find an accounting system, Consero can bring all of that to the table.””
  • “We receive a full suite of services from Consero – from HR, payroll, benefits, interface for AP to general ledger – Consero takes care of everything. I just sit at the top of the pyramid and complete final approvals.”
  • “Consero helps significantly with getting audits done timely and providing the reports auditors need. I can actually go away on winter vacations, which was something I was never able to do previously. I know Consero has things under control with the auditors and I don’t need to worry.”
  • “We have well thought out processes and appropriate segregation of duties, all thanks to Consero. That makes not only the auditors happy but also our investor because they can see that we have the proper controls and have mitigated risk of financial fraud. There is a dual protection from having auditors and Consero review the finances.”
  • “As much as I like QuickBooks for small businesses, I hate QuickBooks from a control perspective. I have audited many firms that use QuickBooks, and it is painful from an audit point of view.”
  • “In regard to SAP implementation, I have never met one that was on time or on budget ever. Consero had us up and running within a week. I wouldn’t have even been able to produce a list of accounting packages to consider in the same amount of time that we went from having nothing, to being fully functional.”
  • “When they brought me on board, I could have focused on all the building blocks needed to get a finance function in place but then I would not have been focused on building the business which is what they needed me to do.”

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Finance as a Service quickly builds a scalable finance function during a private equity carve out

Jared, CFO of Springbrook (acquired by Accel-KKR), shares his experience with an unsteady finance function, the challenging impact of a Carve-Out scenario on the finance & accounting function and how to overcome the void that is left.

Learn how Jared leveraged Consero’s Finance as a Service to reduce time spent on building a finance & accounting function and:

  • Quickly implement a scalable, cloud-based system with advanced functionality
  • Access a reliable and skilled finance team
  • Get automation to support contracts, project accounting and CRM integration
  • Develop workflows for AP, Collections, Expenses, and Cash forecasting
  •  Get support for upcoming acquisition
  • Offload transactional roles so he could focus on strategic initiatives

To learn more about how you can quickly build a scalable and efficient finance function, visit www.conseroglobal.com.


Cocktails and Consero: Client Discussion with CFO of Pelitas

Cocktails & Client Discussion: Donald McClure is the CFO of Pelitas, a private-equity backed software business. During this event, Donald shares his story of how he was able to stay focused on strategy and the 100-day plan vs. managing the finance function. Donald shares his experience with Consero’s Finance as a Service (FaaS) model, and describes the value and impact it’s had on the business.

CFO Client Discussion with Wes Edwards, CFO of Multi-Location Healthcare MSO (backed by Sverica)

Consero’s Finance as a Service enabled the newly hired CFO to focus on being a strategic partner to the CEO with confidence that the basic finance function would be handled properly. Watch the on-demand video (recorded Sept, 2021).

Top 3 takeaways:

  • CFOs can’t be a strategic partner to the CEO if they are stuck in the finance & accounting function
  • Passing an audit and closing the books in a timely fashion is essential when exploring capital markets
  • Building a finance function piece by piece will be more costly and result in a longer timeline because implementations always take longer than promised

You can also read the MedFirst case study and learn more about how the CFO was able to get an investor-grade financials and upgrade the finance function without having to build it from scratch.

Would you like a short introduction to Consero and learn about how your organization can benefit from Finance as a Service?

  • Connected Data
  • More Time on Strategic Initiatives
  • Audit & Due Diligence Ready
  • Process & Controls
  • Financial Visibilit
  • Poised for Growth

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CFO of Broadway Technology discusses how CFOs can be a strategic partner to the CEO and investors

Longtime Consero client, Scott Sanders, CFO of Broadway Technology, a software and fintech company backed by Long Ridge Equity, BC Partners and HPS Investment Partners, discusses his experience with Finance as a Service and describes the value it brings to his role as CFO and to the organization overall.

During the discussion, Scott tells us how Consero’s Finance as a Service model enables him to:

  • Free his time from managing the back-office so he can spend most of his time adding value to CEOs and Investors
  •  Keep the cost of the F&A function low and reduce business continuity risk with Consero managing all the hiring, training and backfilling all finance talent
  • Easily pass an audit and quickly turn around large info requests during due diligence
  • Have “less worry” because of Consero’s checks and balances and a solid process for closing the books

Take a look at why Finance as a Service and a fully managed financial solution could be a fit for you: www.conseroglobal.com

VC-backed CEO discusses how Finance as a Service drives value in the finance function

Consero visits with longtime client, Corey Gross, CEO of Sensibill, a software and Fintech company. Corey has successfully raised Seed, Series A, and Series B funding across a number of venture funders including: Radical Ventures, Information Venture Partners, First Ascent Ventures, Mistral Venture Partners, Impression Ventures, and Operative Capital.

During the discussion, Corey tells us how Consero’s Finance as a Service model enables him to:

  • Be due diligence ready as Sensibill raised a SEED, Series A, Series B in addition to debt ggreements with financial institutions and government grants and loans, all of which required diligence
  • Get experienced CFO advice that helped navigate Board interaction, funding rounds and business fluctuations
  • Have timely and accurate financial reporting that allowed for consistent clean audit opinions and timely investor and bank reporting
  • Access a sophisticated accounting platform including a cloud-based finance & accounting technology stack with workflows and automation to deliver real-time visibility into key financial data

Take a look at why Finance as a Service and a fully managed financial solution could be a fit for you: www.conseroglobal.com


Private equity firm leverages Finance as a Service to quickly build strategic finance teams and get streamlined reporting

BV Investment Partners is a middle-market private equity firm that invests in tech-enabled and services companies. When they bring an investment into their portfolio, the biggest pain that they see:

  1. Under-developed finance teams
  2. Lack of timely, accurate and up-to-date reporting
  3. CFO’s strategy sidelined for time-consuming daily financial operations

The Traditional Solution:

Building a finance team with a recruiter was a prolonged process and there was no guarantee that hires would be a success. Updating the unsophisticated finance & accounting systems was a time-consuming implementation taking 9-10 months without confidently knowing if they would get a fully optimized finance function.

The Consero Solution:

Consero Finance as a Service (FaaS) provides:

  1. Efficient and scalable finance & accounting software and workflows
  2. Experienced and on-demand finance team (to address fluctuating needs)
  3. Accurate, timely audit-ready financial reporting
  4. Consistent and reliable back-office services including, transaction processing, closing and reporting, to scale as needed

The Client’s Results:

  1. New Systems: Updated with best-in-breed systems and processes mapped to the business within 30-90 days. This improved the quality, efficiency, and cost structure of financial operations.
  2. Quick & Accurate Reporting: SIMPL’s standardized and accurate financial reporting enables a clear finance picture and sharp decision making.
  3. Scalable Team: Resources can scale as quickly as the portfolio can grow.
  4. Repeatable Results: Consero has seamlessly supported 6 BV portfolio companies