KIMBIA provides an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform, plus digital services that are built with one goal in mind: to help customers grow their revenue. Technology should not hinder the donor or participant experience. It should speed and enhance it.

Before working with Consero, Phil Murray, VP of Finance & Administration, was challenged with high volume transactions and a limited team with processes and controls that needed improvement. It became time consuming to moderate processes and work at the transaction level. He was not sure if Consero could take their half-baked processes and run with them. During implementation, they discovered that it took Consero 6-8 weeks to accomplish what would have taken 6-8 months to do on their own. Consero brought better systems, processes and software that KIMBIA didn’t have the budget or expertise to implement on their own. The result was progress and a streamlined accounting function. Now, Phil has a level of comfort to step out of the accounting function and operate in a more strategic role.