Finance as a Service for your Growing Business

Is there transparency and scalability in your finance function?

Growing a business is a potentially rewarding but stressful and time-consuming experience. Improving your product or service, identifying areas to invest to grow the top line, finding the right people to support these activities, and then executing on all these things is hard enough by itself. Moreover, you need to ensure you have, or can get, the capital required to:

  1. support these initiatives
  2. create the operational infrastructure needed to support a bigger business
  3. generate the information to tell you how you are progressing toward your goals and what impact any deviation is having on your financial position.

Addressing the latter set of problems is not the best use of your time but without addressing them you risk flying blind from a decision-making perspective, increasing the likelihood that you fall short of your plans and goals for the business and run into potentially catastrophic capital shortfalls.

Consero is Uniquely Different:

Consero provides high-velocity companies with a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to the effort, expense, and distraction of building an internal finance & administration (F&A) team and infrastructure.

We are more than outsourced accounting. We are finance as a service.

Consero’s integrated platform of experienced finance professionals, best practice-based processes, and industry leading software offers companies enterprise-level financial operations and controls for improved transparency, visibility, and scalability while dramatically reducing the cost and time company leaders must expend to develop and manage their finance department.

In the old way of doing things, CEOs and CFOs had to spend months or years piecing together a finance department by hiring and managing people, establishing and improving processes, and getting all the systems in place to support the daily operations and reporting needs of the business (and evolving these as the business changes). Consero brings finance into future. Our clients’ executives receive all the following in just a few weeks:

Professional Financial Reporting: A visual financial dashboard, SIMPL, gives you straightforward views to the performance of the business. Daily financial information and audit support to bolster robust business operations. Investor-ready financial statements, cash runway monitoring, and operational KPIs available 24/7 online. SIMPL also includes resources like employee expenses, support documents, task ticketing, and vendor bill approvals.

Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance: A dedicated team of financial experts with the right skillsets and experience for every situation, from CFO consulting & fundraising support to monthly reporting & daily bookkeeping. They will professionally handle all your financial needs, including accounts payables and receivables, employee expenses, and the monthly close.

Reliable Bookkepping Icon

Reliable Bookkeeping: Established and documented best-in-class practice-based processes for greater reliability and controls.


Efficiency: More time to focus on reaching strategic objectives thanks to improved controls, transparency, and fully documented policies and procedures.

Scalable Software Platform Icon

Scalable Software Platform: Single login to integrated, best-of-breed cloud accounting software SIMPL streamlines your financial operations and eliminates the need to patch different financial applications together.

The Consero solution combines a scalable software platform with experienced finance professionals who establish best-practice-based business processes that are customized to your business and ensure all your financial needs are addressed. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.

Cash flow is critical. You may know what your cash position is today, but if you don’t know your burn rate then how do you know when you will run out? Don’t dig through piles of reports to try and determine the position of your business. Consero brings you transparency in a management format that offers a forward-looking view.