Finance as a Service for your Established Business

How can you keep from getting stuck in the weeds?

In an established company, what CEOs and boards want from their finance department is fast, reliable, concise information about the economic implications of specific tactical moves. But in most cases, what they get is:

  • Different sources of information that come in complicated formats
  • The information is inaccurate or outdated because it gets compiled outside of the software
  • There is no transparency, an overwhelming amount of time is consumed and executives do not have confidence in the numbers

Consero is Uniquely Different:

Consero’s financial solution for established companies offers an enterprise-class finance department which guarantees you have the financial guidance, visibility, support, and infrastructure necessary to continue to accelerate growth.

We are more than outsourced accounting. We are finance as a service.

We incorporate the perfect blend of technology, finance experts, and processes to deliver financial clarity. The result is more confident decision-making and operational scalability that frees executives to focus more of their time on the growth of the business. Our solution is customized and ensures all financial needs are addressed.

Through this platform approach Consero clients receive the following in just a few weeks:

  • A single login to all your financial information via an integrated enterprise level financial software platform
  • Experienced finance personnel to professionally handle accounts payables, receivables, employee expenses and the monthly close
  • Daily snapshot of cash, invoicing, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Monthly financial performance dashboard
  • Employee expense and vendor bill approval & payment workflow
  • Access to all support documents and details
  • Fully documented policies and procedures
  • Improved controls and transparency
  • Task ticketing and workflows for tracking and monitoring open requests
  • Audit ready financials

The Consero solution combines a scalable software platform with experienced finance professionals who establish best-practice based business processes that are customized to your business and ensure all your financial needs are addressed.

Financial Guidance

Strategic SupportA dedicated team of finance and accounting professionals will help with process optimization, custom modeling, operational KPIs, profitability analysis, strategic planning, M&A support for buy-side and sell-side, and post-transaction integration.

Financial Visibility: Easy to read financial reporting that allows you to understand the operational KPIs. All reporting is available 24/7 in an online financial performance dashboard..

Efficiency: More time to focus on reaching strategic objectives thanks to improved controls, transparency, and fully documented policies and procedures.

Reliable Bookkepping Icon

Comprehensive Transactional Processing: Offload your transactional processing of vendor bills, employee expenses, and customer invoicing as well as reconciliations of credit cards and bank accounts– all with improved visibility and controls.

Scalable Software Platform IconScalable Software PlatformSingle login to integrated, best-of-breed cloud accounting software SIMPL streamlines your financial operations and eliminates the need to patch different financial applications together. Find monthly financial performance, employee expenses, support documents, task ticketing, and vendor bill approvals, all inside SIMPL’s easy-to-use dashboard.

To scale your business from the inside, implement processes that formalize the knowledge your team is collecting. Effectively communicate that knowledge and have a single source of truth for your data.

Join more than 100+ growing companies with over $500M raised in capital who leverage Consero for the financial clarity and insight they need while minimizing the time and money spent on financial management.