“After 20 years of trying to solve the riddle of efficient accounting and finance in my companies, Consero came in and did it for me.  In less than 90 days.”

Alex CharfenCharfen, CEO

“Setting up successful accounting and finance has always been the most difficult aspect of business for me, Consero has created a system that even an ADHD entrepreneur like me understands.”

Alex CharfenCEO, Charfen

“Anyone can provide finances. That deliverable is not hard to find. Consero does a really good job at understanding your culture, the current state but most importantly where you want to take the business.”

Autumn ManningCEO, YouEarnedIt

“I tend not to believe that external vendors will hit the timeline we need them to hit. Consero disproved that for us, which was great.”

Autumn ManningCEO, YouEarnedIt

“Because Consero had my finance & accounting completely buttoned up, including all supporting documentation, we were able to complete our transaction with a very quick and easy diligence process and maximize the valuation of the business.”

Eric BroughtonCEO, eSupply Systems, Inc.

“The beauty of the transition period was that Consero quickly built all the structure that we lacked. They really brought us to a more standardized approach to accounting.”

Ed TaylorCEO, The Collective Group

“This amazing portal gives me access to critical data. I now have instant access to any piece of financial data that I want to see about my company. I’m a different kind of business manager today. I don’t have to do the financials and I don’t have to worry about it, but now I can understand it. That is pretty meaningful to me.”

Ed TaylorCEO, The Collective Group

“Based on my experiences with both an in-house finance department and Consero, companies trying to build out their own financial operations are missing the boat.”

Ed TaylorCEO, Collective Group

“I literally used to lose sleep over our effectiveness and efficiency before Consero. I have no doubt now that the accounting side is being handled. This really has enabled us to focus more on planning and forward thinking strategy.”

Julie HulsPast President, Austin Technology Council

“I would tell anyone considering working with Consero to go ahead and take the leap. They have been a delight to work with. The expertise they bring to the table is unparalleled. I’ve been doing business in Austin for over 20 years and they are the best firm I’ve worked with.”

Julie Huls Past President, Austin Technology Council

“Consero was introduced to me by an employee who was transitioning to our sister company. Consero came in with process, a set of documents and a set of questions. They made it very easy for me to follow and also helped educate me along the way. I better understood what we were going to be doing once we were implemented.”

Kelly ShoresCEO, Sparksight

“I wholeheartedly recommend Consero. They care about and understand my business. They have a combination of the right data and team of financial experts, it’s a winner.”

Kelly Shores CEO, Sparksight

“In the six to eight weeks of Consero implementation, I feel like we made more progress in that time than the six to eight months on our own prior going to Consero.”

Phil MurrayVP of Finance & Administration, KIMBIA

“Before Consero, we struggled to document and implement solid controls for our high volume transaction environment. I wasn’t sure if Consero could take our half-baked processes and run with them. As it turns out, Consero built processes and took us to a place in 6-8 weeks that we had not been able to build over the prior 6-8 months.”

Phil MurrayVP of Finance & Administration, KIMBIA

“Now when I show up in the morning, I can think about the major initiatives of the business rather than spending time on reporting or checking on the daily operations of my group.”

Phil MurrayVP of Finance & Administration, KIMBIA

“If I am going to continue to be a financial executive in a large competitive market, the Consero solution is the only way to keep me strategic and out of the weeds.”

Phil MurraryVP of Finance & Administration, KIMBIA

“I’ve been universally impressed by every member of our Consero team, especially their ability to ensure a smooth transition from our prior consulting firm. As a pre-launch company, we really value the team’s input to our revenue recognition approach and their deep expertise with e-commerce and online transactions. Each member of the team is detailed, professional and a pleasure to work with. I’m confident we made the right decision to switch to Consero.”

Sarah Jones SimmerHead of Business Development and Partnerships, Phlur

“Capital is very tight if you are a venture backed company. When you are new, you may need a general-ledger accountant and accounts payable and accounts receivable expertise, but you may not need them full time. And when cash is dear, and you’ve got a full-time head doing a 50% job, it’s painful. Consero can put in a 50% person until you grow into the need for a full-timer.”

Scott Wenhold CFO, Synergis