Consero Answers: Why Can't I Get Good Financial Reporting?

Is your company flying blind? Timely, reliable financial reports are the eyes and ears of effective decision-making. Without good data, it’s impossible to hammer out a winning business strategy. You can’t be sure that your company is truly creating value, the only ticket to long-term growth and prosperity.

What are 4 signs that finance is not providing me value?

If ever there was a time for finance to step up and demonstrate its value to the organization at large, this has got to be it. Right now.

Frustrated with the financial information you receive to support your decision making?

"I have been around long enough to be sure that you don't know what you think you know regarding product or client profitability until you see the financial data" - Scott Bonnallie, CEO - Dannemiller Inc.

How To Create a Cash Flow Forecast

Predicting future cash flow plays a critical role in maintaining the company’s health, and yet many small businesses have no satisfactory forecasting mechanism in place. To some extent, this is understandable -- large corporations have more access to elaborate computer-generated data processes, while smaller companies must rely on intricate, well-coordinated interplay between department heads and senior management to make sure everyone is on the same page.