The Consero Financial Solution can deliver substantial, ongoing benefits to your company, starting with the fact that our services can be up and running in 30 days with minimal impact to your company. After 90 days, we guarantee the following benefits for your company.

  • Connected Data: No more disparate data, we provide a financial portal with best of breed financial, accounting, invoicing, and expense software.
  • Process & Controls: We implement proven processes and controls to increase efficiency and speed to market.
  • Right People: We provide the right people at the right time from entry-level bookkeeping to interim CFOs, and we can meet your staffing needs on-demand.
  • Saving Time: We free up your top people from dealing with time-consuming financial activities and allow them to focus on strategic goals.
  • Financial Visibility: With comprehensive financial reporting, you can make decisions based on a clear picture of your financial standing.
  • Poised for Growth: We deliver a new paradigm; a finance department that is an enabler of growth — not a constraint.

In summary, we will remove any obstacles to drive your businesses forward, achieve maximum success with minimal client time, and meet your expectations – guaranteed.

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